19.09.2016 - 19.09.2016
Ruarts Foundation in the framework of the ll Street Art Biennale ARTMOSSPHERE, which will take place in September 2016 at MEA Manege, will hold the second charity auction for street artists' support.
Funds received from the auction will be used for the establishment of grants for artists. Applications for grants will be selected by the expert board.

The main purpose of the auction is the support and development of Russian street art.

This time it was decided to reduce the number of lots. 60 works of 31 artists were presented at the auction. Russian street artists were represented by Misha Most, Dmitry Aske, Alexey Luka, Pavel Rtuye, Vitaly Sy, Ilya Slak, Misha Bury, Zoom, Vova Nootk, Stas Bugs, Petro, Alexey Partola, Kirill Kto, Zhenya 0331с, Anatoly Akue, Grisha, Ivan Neinti and Aber. The international roster of participants was led by world street art stars Miss Van and Smash137, Remed, who collaborated with the famous gallery Javier Lopez, as well as Pablo Benzo, Mario Mankey, Johannes Mundinger, Claudio Ethos, Aka Corleone, Trek Matthews, Gola Hundun, Demsky, Proembrion and Nespoon .
Most of the works selected for the auction, was shown at the exhibition of the main project of the Biennale of street art Artmosfera in the Manege in September this year.

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