The fifth urban contemporary art auction
2.12.2019 - 2.12.2019
On December 2, the Fifth urban contemporary art auction will take place at Ruarts Gallery.

The initiative belongs to Ruarts Foundation for contemporary art together with the creative association Artmossphere that organizes the similarly-named Street wave art biennale.

You can take part in the auction in person, by phone or in absentia.

Among the auction lots are about 50 new works from the most famous and active Russian artists with a street background: Kirill Kto, Vova Nootk, Dmitry Aske, Misha Most, Alexey Luka, 0331C, Marat Morik, Anatoly Akue, Slak, Petro, Misha Buryi, SY, Vova Abikh, Dima Gred, Zoom, “Toy” Team and others.

The auction aims to support Russian street art. Part of the proceeds from the auction will go towards the establishment of the grant aimed at the development of Russian street art. The grant amount and conditions for participation in the competition will be announced later in following up on the results of the auction.

Registration form:

To request a catalog and learn more about the auction:, / / +7 (495) 637 44 75

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