Established in 2003 by collector and philanthropist Marianna Sardarova, today the Ruarts Foundation is one of the largest private foundations for the promotion of contemporary art in Russia. The collection is based on unofficial art from the postwar period and contemporary Russian art.

The Ruarts Foundation’s activities are aimed at supporting artists and individual or institutional cultural initiatives by organising exhibitions, public and educational programmes, and by initiating research projects.

The foundation’s educational programme is consistent with their exhibition activities and intended to broaden our perception of authors and works presented in the permanent and temporary exhibitions. In addition the publishing programme of the Ruarts Foundation focuses on the production of monographs, albums, and books on art and culture.

The creation of the foundation was dictated, firstly, by the need to develop public appreciation of the significant concepts of unofficial Soviet art, post-Soviet and Russian contemporary art. And, secondly, by a desire to make available to the public our own collection, which to date includes more than 2000 works from different periods and media.

The mission of the Ruarts Foundation is to study, systematise, examine and promote Russian art, and to provide open access for the widest possible audience, in Russia and worldwide.

Openness to changes and the current agenda, open interaction with the audience and the professional community are key values of the Ruarts Foundation.


Marianna Sardarova, Catherine Borissoff Marianna Sardarova, Catherine Borissoff
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