Reading group

14 January 2024 - 31 August 2024
Ruarts Foundation

Book club meetings are held every Sunday at 2:00 pm for 2 to 2.5 hours at the Ruarts Foundation Library. The book club is open to everybody; participation is free. The texts are sent in advance for individual review. At the meeting, the participants chat what they have read with the moderator. 

The Reading Group focuses on critical texts about the role of public art in influencing urban environments in Russian and international contexts. The studies of art theorists, curators and art manifestos will allow to survey the phenomenon of public art and form an idea of its language and specificity. Through a discussion of the texts, the club members will learn about different approaches to describing public art, its position in the field of contemporary art, and the history of the street art movement in Russia. The main purpose of the Ruarts Reading Group is to provide a social opportunity to talk about reading in an enjoyable and relaxed manner.