Zurab Arabidze. Versus

10 November 2018 - 10 December 2018
Museum of modern art Tbilisi

Zurab Arabidze’s project offers visitors a field of existential philosophy, where he deals with the conditions of human existence: individual perception of the world, freedom and possibility of choice. Individual perception of the world is a complex and controversial process with its conflicts and subjectivity, and the contradiction is always accompanied by new energy, which can turn into an artistic form. 

Changes in personal space, individual experience, and psychological balance are inevitable when confronted with the societal vision, “common sense”, or established rules. The individual worldview is formed as a result of complex processes and is never unshakable fixture in life - it always undergoes stress with different manifestations of the chaos existing outside, instability.

Zurab Arabidze’s multimedia installation is a visualization of the complex relationship of personal and public aspects. By contrasting colors, the author conveys the theme of contrast, which can grow to conflict. It rests on the foundation of monochrome art, where each color is independent and lively, dynamic fixture in life, while the contrasting of colors does not mean just enmity — an individual color can be identified with the life of a person who is in perpetual interaction with the world, with other consciousness, and this process never ends. The dramaturgical scheme of the installation elaborates several main themes: meeting of the barbed wire and the mirror surface represents symbolically the desire of consciousness for freedom and obstacles created by dogmas along this path. The space represents the reality overloaded with video images, information, the introduction of new values and the accompanying pressure, while the trees in the metal structure indicate an environmental disaster, the absence of future. The exposition is interactive in the sense that it offers the visitor a special space for reflection on the personal and public aspects, for rethinking and expressing one’s own experience.