Street art forum 2019

2 April 2019 - 7 April 2019

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, in collaboration with the Ruarts Foundation and the Street Art Research Institute, presents The Street Art Forum focusing on the studies of street art, public art and graffiti. Author talks, public discussions and exhibition projects will explore the impact of the present day artistic developments in the field of street art on the shaping of contemporary urban space and different media, techniques and themes that street artists explore.

The Forum Programme will comprise several sections revolving around different fields: The Wall exhibition, discussions, author talks, books and zines, sticker fests, street documentaries and music.


The Wall exhibition This group show will explore the theme of a wall in the oeuvre of graffiti environment and ’street wave’ artists, where a ’wall’ is not only the medium but a reality with individual characteristics, being itself a collaborator and contributor in the art process. The project will feature more than 40 works in different art techniques, including painting, drawing, objects, photo, assemblages, collages, and porcelain ware. The works exhibited are from the collection of the Ruarts foundation. Among the artists to take part in the project are 0331с, Giwe, Gred, Dusto and SAM, Aleksey Luka, Marat Morik, Misha Most, Nootk,, Super, Zoom, Dmitry Aske, Misha Buryi, Glaz, Grisha, Stas Dobryi, Maksim Ima, Kirill Kto, Ivan Ninety, Sergey Ovseykin (Zukclub), Aleksey Partola, Slava Ptrk, Revanche, Scissor, Twix, Toy Team, Turben, Nikita Schukin (Graffitifox) et al. Anna Nistratova is the show’s curator. Author talk The author talk series providing insight into the topic of Street Art and New Technologies will feature the papers by Vladimir Abikh, Andrey Adno and Misha Most, who will speak about their experiments in media art, exploration of new opportunities of virtual public spaces and further development of street art. Artist and curator Artiom Filatov will present his film The Warm Walls and address a unique practice of using street art as a means of defence of historical environment of Nizhny Novgorod. Curator and researcher Anna Nistratova will talk on the close connection between street art and animation. Discussions The forum will feature two discussions on the controversial and most pertinent issues of street art. Well-known artists, curators and producers, art critics, art dealers and architects will address the challenge. The Conflict as a Driving Motive of Street Art discussion is to consider the controversial trends in street art, to identify and discuss different viewpoints on debatable questions. The Street and Public Art versus Monumental Art discussion will basically focus on the difference between visual propaganda and street art, the meaning of such phenomena as sanctioned public art and illegal street practices for an urban space and, above all, on the reality of artistic rivalry between those with street artist and academic background. Books, movie screening, sticker fest and music The MMOMA Library space will feature a selection of Russian and foreign ‘zines’, small circulation self-published titles, and artist’s books, as well as a festival show of author’s stickers, which will introduce the spectators into such street art movement as sticker art. Besides, among the events planned as a part of the Forum is the screening of documentary films on street art by Russian and foreign directors, including the Russian first screening of ‘Blue Light’, the film about a Berlin street art group Rocco and His Brothers. On the last day of the Forum all Forum guests are invited on a DJ-set by a Moscow team ZULUWARRIOR.