0331c and Grisha. 3016


0331с: «Armed with a hammer and pointing chisel* in June 2013 I went to the mountains. The first experience in the inscription on the stone surfaces inspired me a lot. Especially I liked the awareness of the point as the original symbol of the birth of everything in our live. I was also struck by the sparks that fly out even under water when the chisel leaves another track on the stone surface. Action, generating a spark, which in its turn can become fire (if to contribute to this a bit), strongly excited and inspired me, giving me strength and overwhelming desire to sculpt. Having returned home, I shared my findings with my friend Grisha. We began to look for stones like irrepressible, and express our ideas in granite on the streets and in parks, and wherever we found abandoned granite stones. When winter 2013 came, we took to the basement, as there was a workshop, some granite stones which we found on the streets and which we could drag from a place. Having created the first objects based on our street paintings, we were greatly inspired. Since then, Grisha and I continued our search and improved our skills in working with granite».