Wall Elements 3


The third edition of ‘Wall Elements’ includes works by 21 street artists, demonstrating their creative growth and evolution from street practices to galleries and museums. The book issue comes ten years after the first album appeared, and offers readers a fresh cross-section of Russian street art, with details about the authors. This publication underlines the actuality and significance of street culture as a phenomenon that transforms the urban space, and at the same time influences public opinion.

«The active presence of the artist in the urban space, the presence of a recognizable personal artistic style and, of course, my subjective view played an important role in the selection of participants. A balanced and up-to-date lineup of 21 artists introduces the reader to the variety of approaches and techniques, so they can formulate their own preferences. Young and ambitious artists coexist with more experienced and established colleagues. The authors’ sections are created in a way that they can be further developed in the form of separate publications. Each artist presented a project, exploring themes relevant to their creative path and designing the first and the last pages of their own small book. I imposed no restrictions on the artists in choosing a format, but the image of the book itself, as a sketch book or artistic diary became one of the essential themes of the album and formed the basis of this edition.», – Alex Partola.