Sergei Borisov. Studio 50A


Moscow art elite, heroes of underground and glossy fashion. They all  intermingle on the pages of this photo story that took place behind closed doors of Sergei Borisov’s hip  Studio 50A. 

160 photographs with commentary from those who witnessed the studio’s ups and downs at the time of Soviet Empire collapse and formation of the new state and society.

In 1979 Sergei Borisov settled at Znamenka, since 1983 known as Studio 50A. There he worked on an illustration assignment for "Le Monde" article on Soviet rock music that recently became a subject in the West. As the piece's central figure Borisov suggested 'the tsar of Russian rock' Boris Grebenshchikov and his band Aquarium with their brand new album "Radio Africa". That's how the journey to the world of Leningrad underground music started. As new music and art forms gained momentum, Studio 50 A quickly became a communication centre for artists between Moscow and Leningrad, as well as a stepping stone for modern culture and art movement. Borisov showed another side of Soviet life with his photo stories starring underground artists. The first Soviet rock diva Zhanna Aguzarova, World Champions art group, Roman Viktyuk, Viktor Tsoi, Vladislav Monroe, Georgy Guryanov and Timur Novikov - all were natural and spontaneous during photoshoots and performance shows, climbing city monuments and undressing in the studio as well as on the street. Another photographer would unlikely portray Soviet Bohemians the way Sergei Borisov did, with the same level of mutual trust and approach to modern life - valuable things for the underground at the time, of which Studio 50A was a significant part.