Architecture and Surrealism
  • Раздел: Theories and directions
  • Название: Architecture and Surrealism
  • Автор / Редактор: Neil Spiller
  • Год издания: 2016
  • Кол-во страниц: 256
  • Издательство: Thames & Hudson
  • Язык: Английский
  • ISBN: 9780500343203
  • Ключевые слова: architecture, Marcel Duchamp, avant-garde, surrealism, C.J. Lim, Le Corbusier

Architecture and Surrealism opens with an introduction on the precursors of Surrealism in the Baroque and Rococo periods, moving into the twentieth century through the Symbolists and Dadaists. The four main chapters present the interplay between architecture and Surrealism through the key concepts of the body, the interior space, the house, alternative realities, and the environment. In an era of wearable technology and big data, the fascinating possibilities for new worlds, new buildings, and new spaces are creating the most exciting futures for contemporary architects. Written by Neil Spiller, a leading academic and architect known for his own Surrealist-influenced work, this book is a breathtaking resource of spatial ideas and visionary buildings for architects, students, lovers of Surrealism, and all creative types.